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Laura Alfardan

Interior Designer

If you follow your passion, success will follow you.

The concept of art sparks my desire to create innovative spaces that leave an unforgettable impression on its occupants. As an interior designer, I strive to balance out the importance of aesthetics with functionality in a space until it serves so much more than just its intended purpose. Throughout my projects I have developed an eye that notices details with a creative approach, which ties a space together to create an experience that uniquely suits every environment. 


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Thesis Project 

Multicultural Facility

concrete floor 1 - 1.jpg

Conversation Pit Render

Concept Statement
An interactive multicultural hub in the heart of Qatar for the youth to unite diversity and reduce ethnocentrism. 
Research Question
How is ethnocentrism creating a social barrier for the youth in Qatar?

Ethnocentrism is the attitude that one's own culture is superior to other culture. This creates in-group and out-group mentality as individuals judge other cultures from the little to no knowledge they have. 

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Qatar as a modern society has become multicultural due to diversity and globalization, yet elements of ethnocentrism remain in the society. Ethnocentrism is the attitude that one’s own group, ethnicity, or nationality is superior to others which creates a social  barrier in the community.


With the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the willingness of locals to understand and open up to other foreign cultures couldn’t be more significant. Cultural differences shouldn’t be a reason to avoid cross cultural interaction. For the Qatari youth, encountering members of an out-group is a method of widening their experience. 

This proposal suggests establishing an interactive multicultural hub to enhance intercultural communication between the local youth and expats through a variety of activities. This facility proposed to encourage the interaction of members of the society which leads to the cognition that will motivate change. 


One Palm

Office Design Proposal

One palm is an office design proposal for Clements Interior located in Tornado Tower. The complete project was done as a part of a group; I designed the Mezzanine office which consists of CEO Office and WC, 12 work stations, a meeting room, open display pantry as well as a closed pantry and eating space, material library, collaboration table and access to the Amenity Zone.

Render of the mezzanine

Hawthorn Nursing Home

Nursing Home 

Hawthorn Nursing Home is a  

proposed facility that includes both residential and communal areas to create a family-like community as well as private areas to maintain personal space and ensure the health of the senior residents.

The facility includes offices, nursing rooms, dining and internet cafe as well as other amenities to care for and entertain all occupants.

nursing- bedroom.JPG

Render of the Residential Suites

House of Liberty

Residential Villa

A residential villa that I won a third place award for in Build Your House Exhibition 2022. This proposal is designed for an American family of four with different hobbies or impairments. The mother is a yoga instructor, father; a marine biologist, daughter with autism and elderly grandfather who collects natural artifacts

Render of the Family Living Area


Retail Design and Branded Environments

This project requires the creation of a new brand, under the umbrella of M7. It was a collaboration between Graphic and Interior Design. 

The project proposal is located in Hamad International Airport, with three parts; Arrivals, Transit and Departure concourse.

Neoryx is a strong blend of Qatari Culture and neon lights. A collision of the Qatari culture, with a pop of youthfulness, and western artistic features.

Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 11.10.19 PM.png

Render of the Video Room Pop 

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Doha, Qatar
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