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Material Library 

+ Collab. Area

CEO Office

Meeting Room


+ Eating Space

Mezzanine Rendered Floorplan

int. CEO office view.jpg
One Palm

Office Design Proposal

One palm is an office design proposal for Clements Interior located in Tornado Tower. The complete project was done as a part of a group; I designed the Mezzanine office which consists of CEO Office and WC, 12 work stations, a meeting room, open display pantry as well as a closed pantry and eating space, material library, collaboration table and access to the Amenity Zone.

The design is inspired by the palm tree and intends to provide workers with a sustainable yet sophisticated design which will enhance the one productivity. For this project I used Sketchup, Revit and Enscape for the 3D models.

I used a combination of AutoCad, ProCreate and photoshop for post production on renders, sections and floor plans.

View From CEO Office Render 

Material Library
Material library 3.jpg

The Material Library and Collaboration Area were combined to create a synergetic working environment. 

Material Library Render

Material library detail.jpg

The Library System is designed to be fixed onto wall mounted rods that allows the shelves to be easily pulled or pushed to adjust the height to the user's convenience.

Material Library Shelving System 


This custom designed workstation adds an element of biophilic design in the space,  while the plant pots act as partitions for  for each employee's privacy the bright orange tone stimulates interactivity.

Workstation Render 

workstations section.png

Workstation Section 


Labels .png

Wood Finish Layer

Waterproof Membrane

Drainage Cells

Geotextile Wrapping

Soil and Sand

Meeting room 1.png

Meeting Room Render 

CEO 1.jpg

The design of the space incorporated earth tones. The rooms were designed to have visual access to the entire space too eliminate barriers.

 CEO Office Render 

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