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Rendered FP 1-100 final_.jpg

Rendered Ground Floor Plan

Hawthorn Nursing Home

Nursing Home 

Hawthorn Nursing Home is a  

proposed facility that includes both residential and communal areas to create a family-like community as well as private areas to maintain personal space and ensure the health of the senior residents.

The facility includes offices, nursing rooms, dining and internet cafe as well as other amenities to care for and entertain all occupants.

First Floor Plan 

Section  scale 1-100.jpg


nursing-reception jpeg.jpg

Reception Area Render

Internet cafe+table tennis04.jpg

Internet Cafe Render

dining png_.png

The dining area and internet cafe are adjacent to each other. The space serves both the residents and their families.  

The design of the space include biophilic elements and soft tones to induce a calm atmosphere throughout the facility.

Dining Area Render

courtyard -03.jpg

The courtyard is a private area for the residents to enjoy and connect to nature. 

Natural sunlight is very important in this design to ensure the occupants wellbeing and positivity.

Private Courtyard Render

nursing- bedroom.JPG

Residential Suite Render

bedroom enlarged 1-100.jpg

The colors of the bedroom are calm earth tones. The shade of blue gives a calm atmosphere for the residents to relax. 

The spaces consider ADA to make it accessible for the elderly that use wheelchairs.  

Residential Suite Enlarged Plan

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