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Retail Design and Branded Environments

Arrival Concourse 
final-01-01 elevation (1).jpg

Render of the arrivals concourse 

big board elev render.jpg

Neoryx is a strong blend of Qatari Culture and neon lights. A collision of the Qatari culture, with a pop of youthfulness, and western artistic features.

We are keeping a connection to local culture while also giving a new and powerful experience for the community in Qatar.  

The arrival concourse portrays the development of Qatar.

The curved panels slightly tilt in a different way, the design is influenced by the uniqueness of the oryx horn. 

The screen is automatically activated by a sensor when one stands on the colored tiles.

LED lights display the skyline of Qatar throughout the decades.

Render of the arrivals concourse 


Plan of arrival concourse installation 


The installation is located on either side of the moving walkways so that it is convenient for people to see as they navigate through the airport. 

Isometric of arrival concourse installation 

Transit Concourse 
Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 11.10.34 PM.png

The artwork on the facade of the installation light up as people pass by. 

Render of the Transit Concourse Video Room


Isometric of the Video Room

The map on the floor is an interactive projection. QR codes holding Information and illustrations about a country pop up when you step over it.  


Perspective of the Transit Concourse Video Room

Departure Concourse 
Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 11.10.53 PM.png

This installation includes a cafe with a bar seating area, food display as well as display and storage for retail items.  

Departure Concourse Cafe and Retail installation render

Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 12.19.12 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 12.19.08 AM.png

The design of the bar accommodates luggage storage under each chair as well as charging stations for the travelers comfort. 


Isometric view of Cafe and Retail installation

Cafe elevation

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